How the Legacy Assessment Works

1. Purchase Assessment

Sign up and pay the $895.00 one-time flat rate fee at the link below.

2. Submit Questionaire

Fill out the Legacy Questionnaire that is emailed to you. (5 min)

3. Answer Birkman Questions

Click on the Birkman test link in your email to answer the given questions. No one sees your answers to these questions. Please make sure to be completely honest in your answers. (Approx. 40min)

4. Schedule Assessment

Schedule your 2-hour Legacy Assessment with our staff using the Calendly link in your email.

5. Optional Parental Assessment

Add an optional 1-hour slot on Calendly for a parental assessment to share your results with your parents at no additional charge.

6. Get Your Results

Simply show up for your appointment at which time you will receive your 60-page Legacy Oxford Assessment packet.

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